Driven to deliver

Stelltec is a consulting company focused on IT delivery management.
Our experienced, delivery-focused IT consultants have the skills, know-how and passion to take on our clients’ most challenging projects and maximize the value of their IT investments.

Stelltec has the skills our clients need to gain momentum, drive business value and achieve great results by enabling their tech organization to succeed.

We’ll make it stellar. Together.

Our characteristics

Our consultants share great credentials and competences, including:

Significant, relevant experience in managing delivery of IT programs and projects.

Business understanding and technical insight into each project’s drivers, overarching goals, and technical enablers — and the time, cost and complexity involved in every project.

A pragmatic approach to driving delivery while meeting the needs of various stakeholders.

Strong leadership skills with proven success in project and/or delivery management using agile frameworks.

Deep understanding of technology as a foundation for detailed discussions and decision making with IT and solution architects.

Genuine passion for technology and its ability to enable business.

But what makes a Stelltec consultant different is their commitment and ability to embody the Stelltec way of working: a strong commitment to all our clients:

We are human. We explain technologies, issues, and difficult messages so they are understandable even by people who are not tech-savvy.

We are leaders. We treat people and decision makers with respect, guiding them in a clear, fair, and positive way.

We are professional. We act with integrity and courage to deliver even difficult messages concisely and objectively.

We take initiative. We volunteer to take charge and lead others towards the goal.

We are experts. Our advice and expertise are sought by others, both clients and colleagues.

We are solution oriented. We always balance cost and complexity with business value.

We put business first and never get lost in the technology.

We never stop until the job is done.

Stelltec makes
your tech happen

Whether we are working on a digital re-platforming, a cloud transformation project, or the digitalization of key business processes, we make it happen in a timely, efficient and cost-effective way. Managing projects, initiatives or any delivery-focused workstreams is the heart of our business, and we are not afraid to take risks in order to prove our value.

Technical project management. We create the right environment for our client projects, and then we keep our promise to deliver. We add proven delivery and execution power to your existing organization and setup.

Technical transformation. We drive the necessary tech initiatives to complete your business transformation, and oversee its execution to deliver the value we have identified.

Turnaround. We reverse negative trends within initiatives where IT and tech are vital components.
We work actively to identify and solve issues which are holding our customer’s business back and help unlock fixed positions with suppliers, systems integrators and more.

Project due diligence. We can analyze projects both before and after they begin to assess the likelihood of success, suggest improvements and even help deliver projects.

Delivery done right

How we do business is just as important to us as the business we do. We believe every Stelltec customer should always expect us to do what’s right.

We are committed to a clear code of business conduct and practice. This is our North Star, showing us how to plan, deliver and evaluate our performance:

Client success is our success – We always strive to align the interests of our client, our partners, our suppliers, and ourselves.

Value drives decisions – We work with our clients to identify a clear value objective.
Everything we do must add value towards this goal.

Confident simplifiers – We explain complex ideas, events, and relationships clearly,
working with our clients to write the story of our assignment

Seeing is believing – We break down each project into steps towards a quick, visible result which creates pride, credibility, and trust. These interim targets are both milestones and a statement of intent.

Lean mindset – We keep things as simple as possible. We will clarify, adapt, and develop our organizations in harmony with our approach, plan, and objective.

Talk about the elephant – We do not ignore politics, unhelpful attitudes, or incompatible abilities. Instead, we highlight them and find a way forward.

Inclusive collaboration – We prefer cooperation and proximity – ideally physical – and we always try to overcome siloed thinking.

Human and humble – We build close relationships with our clients, balancing the personal with the professional.

Be part of it

Join Stelltec as a consultant and you’ll be part of a strong alliance
of consulting companies combining stability, experience and reputation
with dynamism, agility and a true start-up feel.

Here’s what we offer:

  • The chance to help create and shape a brand-new business.
  • Opportunities to work on prestigious assignments with established Swedish andinternational companies, as well as start-ups. These  assignments are rarely advertised as candidates are hand-picked. We get you in the mix.
  • The chance to work with senior professionals from the IT consulting world as well as data consultants, management consultants and people from every area of the Newground Alliance.
  • The use of amazing offices at Norrmalmstorg, Stockholm, where social gatherings, sports activities and interesting training opportunities are business as usual.
  • Attractive, competitive and flexible compensation packages to match your experience, situation, and needs.

Could it be you?

Not everyone has the skills, experience, or character to be a Stelltec consultant. But if you fit these criteria, you’re off to a great start:

  • You have more than five years of project or delivery management experience, ideally from delivery closely connected to tech and IT.
  • You come with experience from working with agile delivery models, perhaps based on SAFe or more traditional program and project models.
  • You’ve probably been a consultant for a few years, but you may also have hands-on tech experience, for example as a developer or writing requirements.
  • You can interpret the driving forces behind business and IT goals and define the technical enablers for reaching them – including time, cost and complexity.
  • You have managed initiatives or projects including technical deliveries of some sort, for example in software development, platform implementation or cloud infrastructure.
  • You understand tech well enough to talk to IT people and solutions architects and make informed decisions, even if you don’t know all the nuts and bolts.
  • You are proficient in traditional project management skills, including managing scope, stakeholders and budget while keeping track of schedules, milestones, and dependencies. You always make sure you have the people and resources you need to deliver.
  • You’re happy to take charge and take the lead, even when others don’t.

Stelltec is a unique company combining swashbuckling startup spirit with the backing of Newground Alliance. Joining us is a unique opportunity to help build a business. You’ll lend a hand with everything from branding, marketing, and communications to working with talent, business development and, of course, delivery.

Part of an alliance

We are part of an alliance of independent niche consultancy experts with individual perspectives and offers, united by a shared belief in a new way of management consulting.


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Stelltec AB. Norrmalmstorg 14 | | +46 8 410 475 10